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L E G I L I M E N S !

A Harry Potter Inception-esque AU set of icons for Round 6 @ turbo_rumble.
Post-Order of the Phoenix, with spoilers for the entire series (especially Deathly Hallows). Mild spoilers for Inception too, come to think of it (though no images from the actual film was used - only plot!).

Severus Snape - The Extractor
Harry Potter - The Architect
Hermione Granger - The Point Blank
Ronald Weasley - The Forger
Draco Malfoy - The Chemist
Albus Dumbledore - The Tourist
Lord Voldemort - The Mark
Lily Potter - The Shade


"Teach him, Severus", said the old man. "Teach him how to strengthen his mind. Teach him to defend it."
After the death of Sirius and learning the truth about the prophecy, Harry becomes determined to bring Voldemort down, no matter what the cost. Unable to convince him otherwise and worried that he may lose Harry to the Dark Arts, Dumbledore places Harry under the tutelage of Professor Snape once again - this time to learn Legilimency. Their goal is to attack Voldemort's mind from within, which proves to be extremely difficult due to the many levels of defense that Voldemort has instilled over the years. Ron and Hermione are recruited into the team, as is Draco Malfoy after he realizes that he and his family are beginning to lose favor with the Dark Lord. Harry himself struggles with his grief and anger while Snape continues to be haunted by his memories of Lily Evans, whose presence appears more frequently within the defenses of his mind


I've had this story in my head for awhile, and it wasn't until I'd finish making the icons that I realized I had unconsciously lifted the idea of Snape teaching Harry Legilimency as a way to attack Voldemort from this fic that I had read last year, so credits for that goes to Stronger Than Hope by Alaunatar. The general plot of the story comes from Inception, especially the roles that I casted the HP characters in and their relationships with each other, though Harry was assigned Ariadne's role and Hermione Arthur's because I felt it fit better with their roles and abilities in canon (which resulted from a lot of overthinking on my part).

Just for clarification, the image of Lily on the left of #7 is from the film, Daphne, starring Geraldine Somerville (who plays Lily in the films), and yes, that is Christian Coulson (Tom Marvolo Riddle in Chamber of Secrets) on the left (red) in #4.



credit superjesster or nailbites
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comments are very appreciated, thank you! ♥

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