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26 icons: Psycho-Pass season 1 for 20inspirations + 5 other anime icons. Literally 5.

Hi!!! A smaller post this time (they're getting smaller every month, huh?) for 20insp - the theme was DIY which meant I couldn't use anything that wasn't a default in photoshop (CS6 for me), so no textures, non-default fonts, etc. It was really challenging which was really fun!!! Anything that doesn't look like a default font below is my own handwriting, and I made use of some default brushes for texturizing.

AND ABOUT ASK THE MAKER, I'm so so so so so so sorry I've been taking so long with my requests - I'll do them asap tomorrow and hopefully I can get at least the text guide up by the end of this week? I SWEAR I'LL FINISH THEM THIS TIME ;;;;-;;;;


Aldnoah.Zero (2), Hamatora (2), Hunter x Hunter (1)


please credit superjesster or nailbites
don't hotlink/edit/claim as your own
comments are appreciated ♥
Tags: !challenge, !icons, #animanga: aldnoah.zero, #animanga: hamatora, #animanga: hunter x hunter, #animanga: psycho pass
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